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Join us in our goal of building FOUR homes alongside Casas Por Cristo. Learn more about how you can contribute to this goal and even be a part of our construction crews.

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A deeper look into why we believe what we believe.
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We're no longer requiring adult registrations for Sunday services! Woohoo! We will continue requiring registration for our RidgeKids areas in order to help out our volunteers.

register your kids for NOV. 1

As your family is comfortable returning to church, we have measures in place to keep our space healthy and safe. Here's what you can expect from our Reopening:

Ridgekids reopening

Hey, RidgeKids families! We've enjoyed having your kiddos with us during church, but we figured you might be glad to hear we're opening our RidgeKids classrooms on Sunday, August 16! Our team has been working hard to put a strategy together that keeps our kids safe. Here's what you can expect.


Church at home isn't just for adults, it's for our RidgeKids, too!
Here's everything you'll need to host Church At Home for your kids this weekend!

We've broken up our content by age group, so download what suits your family

and let us know if we can help you in any way this week!

Service Times & Location

Sunday Livestream + In-Person Gathering

9 am + 11 am
North Ridge Church
115 Waketa Dr.
Asheboro, NC 27203

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