W E  A R E


A  S  H  E  B  O  R  O

For far too long, the church has been known for what it's against.
We want to be known for what we're FOR!

We  are  FOR  Asheboro.

What is FOR?

The “FOR Asheboro” movement is a heart posture – a decision to champion and support our community, to actively invest in the next generation, and to steward our resources in a way that benefits our neighbors as well as our family. This movement isn't about boosting attendance or fundraising--it's simply serving with no expectation. We love and serve others because Jesus has loved and served us so that we might know him and have relationship with him. The same applies here--no gimmicks or agenda; simply loving in order to create relationship with our city and to create room for Jesus to have a relationship with our city.

We are FOR people because God is FOR people.  

FOR Store

Show some love to your city! We want locals and  non-locals alike to know who we are FOR!
FOR merch is sold in the Lobby at North Ridge Church.